Best icon Packs For Nova Launcher 2017

Nova launcher is a heart-winning launcher over other launcher apps. It enhances the performance of android and including this it also personalizes your android in the best style. You can modify the android look without rooting or any trying any complicated methods. It comes up with both versions as Nova Launcher Apk Free and Nova launcher Prime Apk, You can try both as I have already discussed how they both are differentiated. A little bit but they vary from themselves, just features that you can unlock in Nova Launcher Prime Apk. with these Best icon Packs for Nova Launcher, You can modify home screen of your android and can give it your best icons for android with your own requirement. You might be curious to know how it is possible to personalize your android home screen with your own way.

Top 5 Best icon Packs For Nova launcher:

1- Click UI

There are many other Icon pack apps available and they look similar to the Click UI. But, you can’t deny Click UI Because it contains subtle long shadows and Soft pastel colors it would be a Best Icon packs for nova launc her. It contains thousands of Perfect icons for nova launcher that gives you a best instant look into your android. Below are the feature of Click UI Apk.

Click UI icon pack for nova launcher


  • You will be amazed but it is true that it contains 2045+ Pixel Icons
  • Including these 20 best wallpaper are included
  • Icon request tool to request icons. Premium requests available.
  • Quick-apply cards for numerous launchers.
  • Dynamic calendar support that give you ease.
  • Icon masking for Nova launcher .
  • Supporting and updating

2- Marvak

It is also the best icon pack for nova launcher for nova. It contains 1845+ HD Icons that gives you a fresh look and personalize your android with 3D icons. It is best due to its style, its icons are like sketched icons that are best and recommended one. There are also HD wallpapers included through its cloud-based system integration. It contains circular icons that enhance its look and best for a customizing your home menu and settings. Below are its features.

Best icon Pack For Nova Launcher 2016Marvak icon pack for nova launcher

  • It has more than  1845+ HD icons
  • It is providing regular Weekly Updates
  • It also has feature of Multi Launcher Support
  • Full Material look Dashboard
  • It contains UHD Cloud Based Free Wallpapers
  • Icons Search bar to search icons
  • Icons Requests accepted on user demand
  • Dynamic Calendars system
  • Fast Muzei Wallpaper Support

3- Polycon

It contains HD icons that personalize android with a best stylish contains hundred of vibrant creative and unique icons that enhance the look of your android home screen. You can download this app for completely free from Google Play Store. It would also be the best choice for choosing icon pack for nova launcher I am sharing some of its features that will make you understand to choose wisely.

Polycorn icon launcher for nova launcher


  • Best Top 20 High-resolution wallpapers.
  • More than 800+ Vector icons.
  • Best ever  CMTE support.
  • Lightest Custom folder icons
  • Cool Custom app drawer icons.
  • Fastest Server-based icon requesting.
  • User-friendly Custom dashboard design.
  • Firebase integration.

4- Stealth Icon PackStealth Icon Pack for nova launcher

Stealth icon pack is a best ever icon pack app for android. It comes up with free and paid version and paid version is highly recommended because free one has some low contrast colors, I am not saying that those are worst but, the paid one has even more. It has an ultra sleek style best dark shadowing icons that enhance its look. I would personally recommend this app to use for as an icon pack for nova launcher android. All Stealth icons contain vibrant colors with 3D effects and unique icons. It has got great features that I am streamlining below.


  • It contains more than 2,700+ Premium Icons
  • It has high resolution 10 HD Wallpapers
  • They are Updating it every month
  • Cool interface as Material Design App
  • Best Multi-Launcher Support
  • Fastest Icon Picker and Search within Stealth App
  • Best Dynamic Calendar Support
  • Lots of Icon Masking for Unthemed Icons

5- Candid:

Are you looking for a lightning icon pack for android that can make your android to look professional? Do you want to change home screen with pixel perfect icons? Then candid is the best choice because it contains more than 180 HD icons including best is available free for android on Google Play store. More icons will be added upon request the developers have already mentioned it.Candid icon pack for nova launcher

Wrapping up:

I will be adding more and more Best icon Packs for Nova launcher android. I have already shared it Nova launcher Prime Apk you can avail it for free. If you think I am missing another, do let me know via comments. thanks

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