Best Nova Launcher Themes 2017

If you are a nova launcher and using nova launcher Prime version or beta version that it might be disappointment thing to hear that Nova launcher hasn’t got much themes. As we all know if we install any version of launcher it also contains a variety of themes in its theme section.Though, still, you shouldn’t get disappointed because Nova launcher and its Nova launcher Prime still best, No matter if it doesn’t have got much best nova launcher setup for themes in it. I am sharing Best Nova Launcher Themes 2017 Free that you can avail them into your Nova Launcher Prime Apk.

Want to make your android super Cool? Nova Launcher let you to customize your android in your own way. With these Nova Launcher Themes Free 2017, You will be able to change the whole look of your android. You can do this thing if You try one of these Best Icon Packs For Nova Launcher Android and mixing it with Best Nova Launcher Wallpapers and so on Best Nova Launcher Widgets. You will be able to make your own Best Nova Launcher Themes 2017 and you can also contact us to add theme here too, but trying own self Beebom tried themselves to Provide us some nova launcher themes free and I am sharing them here too.

Best icon Pack For Nova Launcher 2016

Android N Theme For Nova Launcher

Android N is rolling out soon and it has indeed cool look that is alluring to my heart. People are still trying to get Android N Nougat in Android By Nova Launcher Prime. So here I am sharing some sources so, you will be having Android N Nougat look in your smartphone without root.

How to Get it?Best Nova Launcher Themes 2017

Save this Android Nougat wallpaper, install Moonshine Icon Pack and make them default so, you are done. But do this Nova setting that I am sharing below.

Nova Launcher Settings: Make Your icon size (140%),  Make Scroll effect (Simple), Wallpaper Scrolling (None), Fold Folder Preview (Grid), Folder Background (Android N Design), Persistent Search Bar turned on, Search Bar (Bar Style 1, Logo Style1)

Minima Theme For Nova LauncherBest Nova Launcher Themes 2017

Looking for a simple but stunning theme that suit on your phone? We are sharing a minimal theme that looks simple but stunning. It comes up with great sketched icons that enhance its look and personalize it in a better has beautiful look, you will be loving it because of its simplicity.

How to Get it?

Download Minima Live wallpapers app

Download Nimbbi icon Pack and make it default so you are done.

Nature theme For Nova LauncherBest Nova Launcher Themes 2017

We love nature because it has a hidden beauty that a person can feel who love it. Nature theme makes it more beautiful, You can personalize your smartphone with an incredible theme that can enhance beauty in your smartphone.

How to get it?

Download app: Backgrounds HD For Wallpaper we have used (John Mcsporran Fulton’s Trees)

Download icon Pack app Elun Icon Pack

Install them and make them default

Iron Man ThemeBest Nova Launcher Themes 2017

Crazy fan of iron man? Well if not but I am 😛 because I love the iron man so I chose this theme for my smartphone. You can personalize your Mobile in your own way with yellow icons it extends its beauty.

How To Get it?

Download Iron Man melting art wallpaper and set it home screen

Download Golden Icon Pack  and set it as default

Widgets we have used Zooper They re coming, Shuttle (Transparent), 1Weather

Nova Settings: Wallpaper Scrolling (None), Hide Notification Bar, App Drawer Background (Transparent)

Wrapping up: the post was published at Beeboom but we are trying to explain it in a better way, these were the Best Nova launcher theme android. I hope you like them and I will be updating this post again.. To give you better than before.

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