Best icon Pack For Nova Launcher 2016

#1 Keep it simple
#2 Turn on Infinite scroll
#3 Unread count
#4 Hide application
#5 Take backup in google drive
#6 Activity Widget
#7 Create folder
#8 Hidden option — Labs
#9 Icon Swipe
#10 Gesture


and to make these all understand i am sharing a video so you can watch it and can even read it anytime. if you are having problems you can comment below i will try to resolve your issue as fast as i can. as we know that for enhancing the fun into android and don’t even get bored so we try to change its themes and widgets to make it look better but we need something that can enhance fun into our phone and personalize it in own way so we look for such type of tricks and to make ourself happy and phone superb.

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